Happy UnTraditional Mother’s Day

Zoana Price

Untraditional Mother’s Day this Year!

Celebrating a traditional Mother’s Day may not be possible this year for many people. You may be terrified or unsure about the risk about sending flowers, food, or gifts to your mother’s home. This year we will have to play it safe and celebrate an untraditional Mother’s Day.  Lets all try something new!

We have to think outside of the box and be more creative this year. No matter your age a handmade or thoughtful gift is always an option. Spend time with her, virtually or physically, enjoying her favorites books, movies, puzzles or music. Play games with her like scrabble, monopoly, bingo or trivia that can be played virtually or in person, even if you are quarantined on her front porch. Upgrade her home technology with gadgets like security cameras, motion lights, carbon monoxide alarm or a Smart Thermostat.

If your are quarantined in the same home as your mother, acts of kindness can go along way. Cooking a meal or meals all day AND cleaning up the mess is a great gift. A manicure, massage or pedicure are also at the top of the list. Creating a photo album, framing a memorable picture, or turning a picture into art are simple gifts. Creating a slide show or a JibJab are great ideas for those more technically inclined. Playing her favorite music, dancing with her or listening to her reminisce can be very entertaining and create new memories. 

This is a prime opportunity to complete that task for her like paint her walls, put up a fence, or clean the garage. More advance tasks include setting up her DVD player, smart phone or Echo dot, showing her how to use Facebook. Give the gift of humor by telling her you got engaged and show her a Photoshop picture of you and a celebrity.

For those farther from home, connect with your mom via Zoom, Google meets, social media apps or devices like a portal or through a simple phone call. If you live close enough geographically consider a drive-by but bring your lawn chair and sit outside.

Last minute Mother’s Day gifts  flowers, fruit bouquets, cookies or balloons are still viable options. Promising to take her out or get her something nice later is always an option and it’s never too late and you’re never too old to create a coupon book redeemable for tasks and items you can give to her later.

There are many ways to celebrate the amazing mother figure in your life even untraditionally.  Just keep it simple and don’t forget to tell her how much you love her!

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